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Bill Edmonds

Hope For The Overworked And Overwhelmed

By Book Briefs, Personal Development

In his book, “Overworked and Overwhelmed”, Scott Eblin shares the following story, which highlights the current reality for many professionals in today’s world: “One workshop participant said that while waiting for his family’s flight to take off for their vacation, his 10-year-old daughter asked, “Daddy, can I see your BlackBerry?” When he gave it to her, she put it in her bag and said, “You can have that when we get back, Daddy.”” Eblin says busy executives must develop “mindfulness“ by being intentional and aware if they are ever going to get off the fight-or-flight treadmill.  He states that many executives are burned out due to increased responsibilities and the constant onslaught of technology….

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Beginning With The End In Mind

By Personal Development

Note: This post (written August 2014) was inspired by an obituary I read that chronicled the life a wonderful lady.  As I read the tribute, I began to think about how my own obituary would read.  The result was this blog.  Perhaps it will serve as an encouragement to you as you seek to put into practice what best-selling business author Stephen Covey said: “Begin with the end in mind.” (Anywhere, USA) John A. Smith, age 54, 123 Elm St., Anywhere, USA, died last week at his desk at work from complications stemming from a common disease afflicting many Americans…

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