C-Suite Executive Coaching

You’ve achieved your potential. You’re at the top rung. Now, how do you go higher? Don’t let the top rung become a dead rut. At Northstar Leadership, we offer expert C-Suite Executive Coaching services to help you refocus your vision and chart the course for continued growth. Learn more below, and get in touch today.

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Who Do We Serve?

Our executive coaching services are designed for the entire C-Suite, including:

  • CEOs. Improve leadership soft-skills, find ways to delegate effectively, take charge of business direction, and lead the charge for growth.
  • CEO Direct Reports. A CEO’s direct reports are critical to business success. Find the best strategies to work with the CEO while leading your own teams.
  • Business Owners. Gain an outside perspective to help you realign your goals to your vision, shine light on blind spots, then create a solid plan of action for success.
  • Other High Potential Leaders. Executive coaching can be valuable to prepare high potential leaders to eventually assume a role in the C-Suite.

What Do We Provide?

Private Coaching

Get one-on-one, highly personalized engagement with our private coaching service. We will serve as your dedicated coach and consultant.

Group Coaching

Create a roundtable session that meets regularly for your internal C-Suite team, or schedule a workshop for key leaders on your team.

Key Coaching Areas

Each business has its own needs, and every leader is different. To that end, each of our coaching engagements are unique and completely customizable. That said, some key areas we may focus on include:

Conflict Management

CEOs and other C-Suite leaders are faced with conflict daily. Most decisions benefit some parties while leaving others unhappy. It is your job to identify compromises and to stand firm behind key business decisions. Learn to embrace and effectively manage conflict.

Business Strategy

Where are you now, and where are you going? What obstacles stand in your way? We can help you to get a fresh look at your business and hone your strategy to align with your goals.


Many leaders are exceptionally hard workers. It’s tempting for us to take everything upon our own shoulders. But this can be damaging—both for ourselves and our companies. We need to learn how to effectively delegate and have faith in our teams.


As many individuals in your company will be looking to you for advice, decisions, and direction, it is absolutely critical that you understand your own motives, how you are presenting yourself to others, and how you can have a positive impact on the work environment and business as a whole.

Change Management

Leading through change can be difficult, but it is not without its rewards. We can help you to find ways to serve as a beacon for change within your organization. We’ll identify the root cause of the change, the key values a change might bring to your business, and build powerful messaging for progress.

Team Development & Management

No leader stands alone. Without a team behind them, there is no one to lead. We can help you to build an efficient, productive team to achieve your business goals.

And More

Whatever your current goals or challenges, we can help you identify strategies for progress.

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Our C-Suite coaching engagements begin with an initial consultation to define your current state, align on your goals, and create a custom plan for coaching services. To get started, schedule a free check-in call today.

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