Small Business Owner Coaching

The balancing act of owning a business, leading a team, and managing your own personal life can be challenging. As a business owner, you have made many sacrifices to build your business, and you have a heavy burden on your shoulders to further develop your business while taking care of your employees and yourself. If you’re looking for ways to improve your impact in your role or take your business to the next level, small business owner coaching can help. At Northstar Leadership, we’ll work with you one-on-one to help you focus your vision, improve your soft skills, and develop an effective business plan to work toward your goals.

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What Do We Provide?

We offer flexible coaching packages, with remote service options to best meet your needs:

Private Coaching

Get one-on-one, highly personalized engagement with our private coaching service. We will serve as your dedicated coach and consultant.

Group Coaching

Create a roundtable session that meets regularly for your internal team, or schedule a workshop for key members of your team.

Refocus Your Vision

Whether you’re struggling to meet your current objectives or hoping to determine where to go from here, setting clear goals is essential. We will work closely with you to assess the current state of your business and set ambitious but obtainable goals. To chart a course for progress, we first need to know where we want to go.

Develop a Business Plan

Once we’ve aligned on your vision and short- and long-term goals, we’ll develop a clear plan of action. From strategy and financial planning to marketing, internal development and more, we’ll create a plan to meet your goals with clear, actionable steps. A sound business plan is a powerful tool to maintain focus and track progress.

Become an Impactful Leader

No matter the size of your team, as a business owner, your employees look to you for guidance and leadership. With proven assessments, like DISC and CliftonStrengths Assessment, we can help you benchmark your current leadership soft-skills and determine key areas for improvement. Then, we’ll work closely with you to develop those skills so you can have a greater impact and rally your team.

Balance Your Personal & Business Life

One of the most common challenges we hear from our clients is the difficulty of balancing personal life with business life. As a business owner, it can be difficult to detach yourself from the business, which can get overwhelming—but self-care is essential to maintain your strength and dedication.

From improving delegation and developing processes to address time sinks to finding ways to care for yourself, we can help you find a healthy balance in your work and revitalize your enthusiasm for the business.

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