Get clear & get going.

Our mission at Northstar Leadership is to bring clarity and focus to high capacity, market place professionals by offering our services as an “Outside-Insighter” – a personal confidant to come along beside you, helping you uncover solutions for your challenges and develop strategies for seizing your opportunities.

The Northstar Process:



We help you establish clear messaging - if you confuse you lose!

Defining Your Value Proposition

We help you identify what resonates, differentiates, and validates.

Mission, Vision, Values

We help you create and execute a plan centered around who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Private Coaching

  • 1.5-day initial onsite visit with Advisor for Advisor team rapport, team building, evaluation, planning and goal setting
  • CliftonStrengths Assessments and DISC Assessments for entire team
  • The creation of a business plan, complete with tactical ideas to drive team goals—specifically focused on deepening connections with existing clients and new client acquisition
  • You and/or your team’s private webpage on Northstar’s website where all resources and collateral materials specific to your team are archived for easy access and usage
  • Weekly scheduled coaching sessions (via Zoom)
  • “All Access Pass”—we’re “on call” for any and all challenges or opportunities that arise between scheduled calls

Coaching Roundtable

  • Advisor roundtable of 4-6 Participants (plus facilitator Bill Edmonds) with similar business revenues and advisory and planning based orientation
  • The creation of a business plan complete with tactical ideas to drive goals – specifically focused on deepening connections with existing clients, and new client acquisition
  • Monthly 1.5 hour roundtable session with all participants via video conference with instructor led content delivery, peer to peer coaching and best practices sharing
  • Monthly 1.5 hour, one-on-one private coaching session with each participant per month via phone or video